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Maggiano’s Locations In Arizona - The Italian Restaurant You Love With An American Twist

For Italian-Americans, food means love. At Maggiano’s, we extend that love of food to every guest we serve. Come join us at the table and enjoy a meal you’ll never forget.

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Inspiring A New Generation of Italian-American Cuisine, One Dish At A Time

At Maggiano’s, we strive to bring exceptional Italian cuisine for Arizona guests. So if you’re craving delicious pasta for dinner or want to cater your next special event, turn to Maggiano’s in Arizona for the perfect meal. Maggiano’s celebrates the heart of Italy’s famous cuisine in all our dishes. When Italian immigrants first arrived in the U.S., many found themselves without a language of their own. As a result, food became a means of communication. It build a foundation for Italian-Americans. Food stood for affection, family, and the community as a whole. And though Italian culture is now integrated into America’s melting pot, very little has changed with the dishes that originally brought us all to the table. Today Maggiano’s weaves together all the tradition of the Italian cucina with noted American flavors to give guests an unforgettable dining experience.

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